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Company's description

The assemble of filling machines in your factory will result in many profits for your enterprise. Namely, the production process will become remarkably quicker, what will allow you to sell your products earlier. What is more, if you select a fully automatic model, you will not have to hire that many employees. Such modern equipment guarantees a higher level of precision as well. Do not hesitate and open JK-Maschinenbau's website in order to choose the best filling machine for you. There are variants adapted to many different substances.

Filling and labeling Bottles

The filling lines prepared by JK-Maschinenbau are invaluable in the production process. They make it much quicker and more beneficial, as they are fully or at least semi-automatic. All you have to do is set the right programme and they will perform the rest of the work. They can be used to fill bottles with juice, milk, wine, oil or chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products as well. Thanks to various supplements which can be added, the filling lines are very flexible.

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