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Company's description

Vino Vintana is a well-stocked shop with magnificent wines from many parts of the world. It does not concern Europe only, as you can find there products imported from Australia, South and North America or Africa as well. They are available at surprisingly low prices, so you can afford a really good alcohol that will be great for a romantic dinner, an official meeting or any other occasion. There is a possibility to ask an expert for advice, in order to find the product that meets all of your individual preferences.

Spanish wine

In the online shop led by Vino Vintana you can buy wine from Spain, for instance. It is widely appreciated for its amazing taste and also, when it comes to red variants, health benefits. You should keep in mind that it removes the bacteria from your teeth, helps to keep the weight off, fights free radicals (which can cause cancer and other illnesses), improves bones density, reduces the risk of a stroke and not only. Vino Vintana imports Spanish wines from such regions as La Mancha, Catalunya or Almansa.

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